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Sales Coach, Author, Public Speaker

With decades of experience in sales, Glenn Poulos offers his experience and expertise to the best salesmen and women around the world. Glenn’s latest book, Never Sit in the Lobby is the ultimate guide to your success in the sales field. Grab your copy today!

Never Sit in the Lobby

Are you in sales and want to win more customers, make more money, and build a solid reputation that skyrockets your career? Success in selling doesn’t always depend on doing everything right. Closing a deal often relies on remembering what not to do – like don’t hate on your competition and never fax the facts.

Punch Perfect Pitch & Close

At the beginning of every presentation, start with a “punch” or “bang.” An impactful punch presents the hook of your pitch and positions you as a messenger of good news. Now is the perfect time to show ‘em the Winning Sales Presence, covered in chapter 6 of Never Sit in the Lobby. Sign up to receive your FREE copy of ‘Punch Perfect Pitch & Close.’

Glenn Poulos

Author, Never Sit in the Lobby

Glenn Poulos is the co-founder, Vice President, and General Manager of Gap Wireless Inc., a leading product and service distributor for the mobile broadband and wireless markets. With over three decades of experience in sales, he has developed a successful belief and strategy system by spending thousands of hours in the field or on the phone with customers and working with salespeople in several successful companies.

Never Sit in the Lobby

Inspired by real-life lessons that shaped his career, this guide provides fifty-seven factors for navigating the interpersonal dynamics of selling and the art of negotiation to help you sidestep common costly mistakes – before you lose the sale.

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Punch Perfect Pitch and Close

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Do you want to learn how to make it count on your next presentation? Glenn’s offering free a copy of his interactive article and worksheet called Punch Perfect Pitch and Close. Overfamiliar overtures, awkward questions, or aggressive approaches won’t close a sale. If your client is contemplating hanging up, making excuses, or being downright rude to make you shut up, you need a better pitch. A well-crafted sales pitch uncovers your client’s needs and then presents your product’s key features and benefits that will solve their most urgent problems. So how do you avoid those unsuccessful approaches and create enticing, powerful sales pitches? Hit your prospects with the Punch Perfect Pitch and Close! Whether you are in an elevator, standing in the lobby, in the buyer’s office, or in front of the entire C- suite in a fancy boardroom, these techniques will maximize the potential of your sales pitch and succeed with a sale! Sign up to receive your FREE copy of ‘Punch Perfect Pitch & Close.’ and other tips.

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