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Are you in sales and want to win more customers, make more money, and build a solid reputation that skyrockets your career? Success in selling doesn’t always depend on doing everything right. Closing a deal often relies on remembering what not to do—like don’t hate on your competition and never fax the facts.

After three decades in the office trenches, Glenn Poulos has figured out exactly what to do—and what to avoid—to get the deal.

Get and stay on top of your sales game with the personal advice, expert storytelling, and effective business strategies found in Never Sit in the Lobby! Inspired by real-life lessons that shaped Glenn’s career, this guide provides 57 factors for navigating the interpersonal dynamics of selling and the art of negotiation to help you sidestep common costly mistakes—before you lose the sale.

You’ll discover
● How to show them the WSP, a method to maximize you and your product’s attractiveness in the eye of your customer.
● How to use greed-based learning to help you effortlessly obtain the knowledge you need to sell your product.
● The 10 types of challenging customers.
● Secrets to make your emails and voice mails count, including example scripts that will start a dialogue rather than get screened.
● Communication and public speaking skills that increase your influence, like active listening, confident body language, and rapport subtleties.

Showcase winning sales factors that close the deal! Get Never Sit in the Lobby and better connect with your customers and build better relationships for the best opportunities that benefit both of you.

Punch Perfect Pitch and Close

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Do you want to learn how to make it count on your next presentation? Glenn’s offering a free copy of his interactive article and worksheet called Punch Perfect Pitch and Close. Overfamiliar overtures, awkward questions, or aggressive approaches won’t close a sale. If your client is contemplating hanging up, making excuses, or being downright rude to make you shut up, you need a better pitch. A well-crafted sales pitch uncovers your client’s needs and then presents your product’s key features and benefits that will solve their most urgent problems. So how do you avoid those unsuccessful approaches and create enticing, powerful sales pitches? Hit your prospects with the Punch Perfect Pitch and Close! Whether you are in an elevator, standing in the lobby, in the buyer’s office, or in front of the entire C- suite in a fancy boardroom, these techniques will maximize the potential of your sales pitch and succeed with a sale! Sign up to receive your FREE copy of ‘Punch Perfect Pitch & Close.’ and other tips.

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